The Company And Its Founder Creig Adams

A history of innovation

I have been involved with sports for most of my life and my work as a P-12 Physical Education teacher has given me a unique insight into teaching children the basics of many sports. I have previously designed and patented the unique Batting Blade Cricket footwork trainer  for which I received the 2006 Telstra Cricket Innovation of the year. I have now turned my expertise and experience to the dark art of spin bowling to come up with the Spin King Spin Training Ball.

How does it work?

The Spin King is made up of a PVC backyard cricket ball with a modified seam of velcro hook material. This hook material is then linked to the unique Spin Ring that fits on the bowler's spinning finger (different for leg or offspin) which is made out of highly specialised elastic loop material. This means that the only place the bowler can get good purchase on the ball is along the seam. This results in the ball leaving the bowlers hand with the correct seam position.

But Why Indiegogo this time?

I have chosen to use crowd funding to find a worldwide network of like minded cricket buffs who would like to have a micro franchise business with very low start up costs, that is super easy to manage and has the ability to generate extra income in their local area, For full details click on our Indiegogo Crowd funding Proposal. I have chosen this option rather than the traditional retail cricket model which involves massive stockholdings, ranges of products, huge patent costs and elaborate and complex distribution channels. The Spin King product will always be only available through micro framchises and never be available in stores. This will help us to keep the price low and accessible to all young players right around the world.

Contact details

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