Other Products

There are many other products available in this space but there is nothing similar to the Spin King.These include:

  • 1 Kookaburra Softaball

    Plastic covered soft ball with a one piece moulded cover over a  soft centre  ball. . 

    $ 12.00buy now
  • 2 The Aggot Junior

    A disc style device that is difficult to play with. Made from PVC in bright yellow.

    $ 10.00buy now
  • 3 Kookaburra Super Spinner

    A traditional two sided spin or swing ball that provides no feedback to payer on seam position.

    $ 12.00buy now
  • 4 Spin and Swing Discs

    These hard plastic discs are for bowling drills and are  unable to be used for backyard play.

    $ 9.00buy now
  • 5 Kookaburra Super Swing

    A traditional uneven sided swing ball for net use. Unsuitable for backyard use.

    $ 15.00buy now
  • 6 Reverse Swing Ball

    A net practice ball consisting of a  leather ball with holes drilled in one side for swing.

    $ 20.00buy now
  • 7 Kookaburra 3 Piece Pack

    IA pack of 3 backyard balls of varying types to work on backyard technique.

    $ 25.00buy now
  • 8 Waboba reflex Skim Ball

    Great fun for skimming off the pool but doesn't teach kids correct bowling technique.

    $ 10.00buy now