Shipping & Faq's

are shipping costs included in any prices on your website?

Due to the worldwide nature of this product we have not included any freight costs as these will vary depending on location.. Obviously the more you are ordering the bulk cost of freight means the per item cost drops dramatically. Items ship in lots of 100.

 is there a minimum order quantity?

We have set up our distribution channel to make things easy and round for everyone. Our initial Indiegogo crowd funding proposal includes franchises with and without initial stock that range from $100 to $600 USD. A standard order of 100 units will cost $500USD and has a potential profit margin of $500USD.

What happens if you don't raise enough money through Indiegogo?

Indiegogo works on the basis that if we don't reach our funding goal then you pay nothing. No money is withdrawn from your account unless the initial funding goal is reached. So really there is very little risk and potentially a lot of reward. Come on and join me as we take on the cricket retail world one school and on product at a time!